Main activities

We believe in corporate governance. We are partners to those who have the ambition to manage their business well and efficiently. We defend the rights of business owners and shareholders, as well as guiding authorized executives in management of the company.”


Educational programs and counseling


  • Our main activities are educational programs and counselingWe bring foreign know-how to the Czech Republic, especially concerning corporate governance standards, which are globally valid and promoted by the OECD.
  • Based on an agreement with the OECD, the Institute has been named the main partner for corporate governance issues in the Czech market and has translated and published a number of OECD guideline documents on corporate governance.

OECD publications, which the Czech Institute of Directors have adopted


G20 / OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, ENG / Country G20 / OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, CZ
  • The document focuses on corporate governance issues, which are often not defined in law
  • Primarily designated for listed companies, companies of social importance and other companies who would find the resources useful
OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises, ENG / OECD Methodology Guidelines for State-Owned Corporate Governance, CZ
  • The publication focuses on corporate governance issues that are not often defined in law
  • Primarily designed for companies owned by the state, city or county
  • Provides clear guidance and recommendations on how to handle a challenging management structure or a complex ownership structure
Code of Corporate Governance of the Czech Republic
  • The Corporate Governance Code is addressed to all companies that acknowledge the issues managing a business regardless of its size or shareholder structure. The Code is currently being prepared and it will be published in the summer of 2018.
  • The ambition is to provide clear and practical guidance to shareholders, members of administrative and supervisory bodies, senior management, and also lower levels of management and administration in companies

Awards Best Board & Best Board Member 


  • Every year since 2012, we have been awarding the prestigious Best Board & Best Board Member awards
  • The Best Board is the prize awarded for extraordinary work of a collective administration body
  • Best Board Member is the prize for an individual member of an administration

We appreciate those companies that have managed to achieve extraordinary results and have contributed significantly to improving the quality of corporate governance.


Other activities of the Czech Institute of Directors


  • Since 2007, we have been regularly publishing a newsletter, Corporate Journal News (formerly Corporate Life). In each newsletter issue, we are working on many practical examples to show how to apply the principles of corporate governance and its practices. We are also touching on current topics. We publish the newsletter five times a year. It is primarily intended for members of governing bodies, to orient them in this field.
  • We regularly organize a business breakfast in cooperation with our partners
  • We take part in expert debates and conferences on corporate governance issues
  • We provide expert opinions
  • We process corporate governance audits
  • We sit on nomination boards (for example, the Law of the Year)
  • We process studies and reports from global know-how