Relational Intelligence

Two-day seminar on agreement capability

This is a seminar providing guidance, inspiration, new insights, and practical tools to effectively conclude agreements within an interest-diversified group, whose mission is to take responsibility for joint decisions.

In the seminar, we draw from the analysis of the target group’s needs to conclude agreements and find collective unification in an environment that is characterized by the frequency and variability of the separate interests of individuals within the group and the collision of their mutual priorities.


What do you learn at the seminar?

• how to find a team agreement in apparently conflicting interests
• how to manage a project professionally while communicating effectively
• how to reconcile diversity of opinions towards finding a common goal
• how to find out what the other side wants without manipulation and supposition
• how to act on TV and how to handle interviews on camera
• how not to get stressed out when performing in the media

The Seminar is designed for teams that already work together, have mutual knowledge of the challenges they face and need to strengthen their ability to reach agreement in often conflicting priorities.


Who is the seminar for?

• colleges of administrative bodies
• top management teams
• strategic and project teams


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