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I completed the Corporate Governance Program in 2017 and I can recommend it for the following reasons. The theoretical knowledge, which was split into 4 modules, I was immediately able to take advantage of at work. I met with a number of very interesting and inspirational people, not only the lecturers but also the students. We had an excellent group of people who wanted to improve themselves. Not least, I should also mention the wonderful facilities of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Prague where the course was held and where our needs from A to Z were met by the hotel personnel and the CIoD lecturers.

Tomáš Pektor, participant in Programu Corporate Governance 2017

ČEZ, a.s.

I judge the Corporate Governance Program to be hard, but also beneficial from many viewpoints. I especially value the combination of theory with practical examples, and also the active inclusion of all participants in the discussions, which were focussed and meaningful. The good feeling from the course contents was enhanced by the the error-free organization and the attractive surroundings of the Mandarin Oriental hotel. I can only recommend the Corporate Governance Program, as a board member, for all who work in corporate governance.

Irena Boušová, participant in Programu Corporate Governance 2017

Česká spořitelna, a.s.

I don’t know how else to summarize the Corporate Governance Program than with the word‚ fine. For every current and future corporate or supervisory board member, it is a great opportunity to learn, in a very entertaining format, about the important consequences of legal, compliance, financial, tax, and other subjects, from a non-simplistic perspective. I truly enjoyed myself most of the time and I also advanced my awareness of the responsibilities and risks coming from my membership on a corporate board. I can only recommend this course for all.

Filip Zeman, participant in Programu Corporate Governance 2016

Česká spořitelna, a.s.

Participation in the Corporate Governance Program is challenging. It is an objective necessity, with the diverse program, to prepare well and concentrate, including working on the given themes and the final thesis. In the end, completing the program yields a significant benefit, both professionally with an increase of knowhow and confidence in expertise, and also personally with behaviour and deportment in the field of corporate governance (and elsewhere)

  • Lecture contents are very useful for work on corporate boards
  • More than 90% of the participants are of extremely high quality
  • Evaluations, which are part of the program, are objectively critical
  • The course is excellently organized, including individual approaches to solving possible problems, which might occur during the program. Actual events are incorporated into the learning process (i.e. from law, communications, etc…)

The Corporate Governance Program, which I had the opportunity to attend, is very beneficial and leads to bettering the culture of work in corporate and administrative boards in organizations. It is then up to each participant to take advantage of their acquired, experience-tested and quality knowledge in their functions in the administrative organs in which they are active.

Petr Minařík, participant in Programu Corporate Governance 2012

Letiště Praha, a.s.